Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Morning Chuckles...

Monday morning chuckles...took Abby to school and realized her water bottle lid was not shut tight.....dumped the whole thing in her lunch box.  She realized on the way to school as she feels something wet on her back side.  We wipe down all baggies and dry out the inside of the lunch box with all the fast food drive through napkins we acquired over the past month.  I go home to find a puddle on the piano bench where lunch box sat...that is where I placed my phone!  Wipe up puddle and pray my phone still works.  I head to work and realize I forgot to eat breakfast...already late to work by now.  Tried to call the office and my phone refuses to dial!  Must be the moisture.  I pull into Sheetz and take out the battery, which just happens to drop between the seat and the console.  Can we say Monday???!!  I am now at work safely, breakfast eaten, phone working for now and sweet texts exchanged between my daughter and I about our funky mornings.  We chuckle realizing and surmise this is all the aftermath of what Roger calls "Daylight Stupid Time!"  Anybody else feel wonky this morning??!!!

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