Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hopelessly Romantic...

Yes, my husband is so hopelessly romantic. Now before you click to another blog and wish you were living in Cinderella's world like me, stick around for a minute and keep reading.

My dear sweet man ( who knows I am writing this, btw) is being a romantic. Yes, that is what he thinks and I used to believe the lie. In fact, I won Lysa Terkeurst's Valentine blog contest because I was so frustrated with this 'wonderful' man. Flowers? Nope. Candy? Nope. Card on Mother's Day? Nope!

Maybe a couple of times a year he will think of doing those small niceties, but the rest of the year? ? He is always ready to listen when I need him. He patiently holds my hand when I'm spazzing over the loss of hair us middle age women experience. And he works so hard at his job so he can desperately get that promotion so I can cut back my hours at work.

Romantic? Maybe not like Cinderella. But romantic where it counts. Romantic not just one or two days out of the year, but in the everyday commitment.
I love you, honey!