Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Dear Bloggin' Sisters,
Our family is in need of prayer right now. Would ya mind? My husband has been handling an enormous stress at his job. After a year of many hours of overtime working on a project that only he could do in the short amount of time they requested, the project was finished successfully. However, management above him however is not happy because he did such a great job...

We are waiting the next few weeks to see if he gets a so needed promotion or if he gets axed. We have been clinging to Prov 3:5 & 6 ...Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart and lean not to thine OWN understanding. In ALL thy ways acknowledge HIM and HE will direct your paths.

Also, "the heart of the king is in the hand of the LORD...Proverbs somewhere :)

I am learning on a daily basis what being an encouragement to your husband is. I'm am so grateful he doesn't 'cave' on me. He is so sweet and tries to keep me informed as best as possible without worrying me!

When our guys look like they have it all together, look a little closer and they might actually really need a big hug and a word of encouragement 'No matter what happens, honey, I'm right here beside ya!'

Thanks, sisters for your prayers...I'll keep you 'posted'

Friday, May 16, 2008


Thanks to all who have read my one and only blog and were kind enough to comment!
God was prompting me today to get back to writing on here and when I checked my blog to write a new post, I had no idea some new friends so kindly stopped by to leave comments. Sorry guys; I'm new to all this.

This time of year I feel that my schedule takes me for a ride instead of me being in charge of IT. I am reading this awesome book called Margin by Richard Swenson. He shares that we all need to leave margin in our lives so that when the cup gets bumped what comes out is joy and readiness to serve rather than emptiness. If we are exhausted we have no reserve to minister to the "unexpected" blessings that come our way.

My husband and I listened to Dr. Swenson speaking on Midday Connection recently. One comment that resonates in my soul is ...the things that are important are "slow, mellow and deep". Jesus' ministry on earth was not crammed full of activity from morning until night. He spent time with his disciples sharing His Father's ways. He spent time away from the crowds to pray.

He did not set up healing clinics to heal everybody. He ministered to those who came across his path. I don't picture Jesus scurrying down the street late for an appointment proclaiming his schedule was crammed too full today. In the scriptures Jesus contrasted Mary and Martha for a reason. I think it is interesting that he chose two women as examples of contrasting overload serving and sitting at Jesus' feet. Don't you think woman, more than men, struggle with the myth of feeling significant? We think if we are busy, we are fulfilled.

God gave us 24 hours each day. Dr. Swenson stressed that we often think that God can't make it without us so we need to fill our day with ministry 23 of those 24 hours.

God created the earth in 6 days and rested the 7th. If God the ultimate Creator, scheduled time out to rest, to process and to think...ahhh "it is good", why should we as finite creatures feel we are any different? I guess we think she who wears the most 'hats' wins.

I guess you can tell I have been processing through this concept. It does put me in a predicament. I live in a world that constantly tantalizes me to join this and that. I fall prey to 'good' things which end up sapping energy meant to minister to my family. Even service opportunities at church can pull me away from my communion with Christ and service to my family.

I recently made a very tough decision of resigning from a position at my church. Instead of leading our music ministry at church, God is asking me to be open to His ministry for my life. A ministry that allows 'margin' in my life...a ministry that puts my family first. I'm excited to see what doors are opening...