Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Dear Bloggin' Sisters,
Our family is in need of prayer right now. Would ya mind? My husband has been handling an enormous stress at his job. After a year of many hours of overtime working on a project that only he could do in the short amount of time they requested, the project was finished successfully. However, management above him however is not happy because he did such a great job...

We are waiting the next few weeks to see if he gets a so needed promotion or if he gets axed. We have been clinging to Prov 3:5 & 6 ...Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart and lean not to thine OWN understanding. In ALL thy ways acknowledge HIM and HE will direct your paths.

Also, "the heart of the king is in the hand of the LORD...Proverbs somewhere :)

I am learning on a daily basis what being an encouragement to your husband is. I'm am so grateful he doesn't 'cave' on me. He is so sweet and tries to keep me informed as best as possible without worrying me!

When our guys look like they have it all together, look a little closer and they might actually really need a big hug and a word of encouragement 'No matter what happens, honey, I'm right here beside ya!'

Thanks, sisters for your prayers...I'll keep you 'posted'


Mommyluann said...

I'm on board to pray! I found your blog off of Lysa Terkeurst blog.


MrsJoeB said...

My husband and I can relate!! He has been with his company for over 25 years. They require more and more of him and have given less and less in return. He is miserable and we keep praying God would open doors of opportunity for him to move on. There have been no no open doors for over a year now. The management is pretty rough so daily I have prayed with my husband before he leaves for work for his protection from their attitudes and "abuse". It is working!! We still want out from that company but God is good in that they have been better in attitude since we started praying.
You and your husband are in our prayers!!!

In His Graces~Pamela

ForeverHis said...

I, too, found you from Lysa TerKeurst's blog. My husband is awaiting to hear the future of his job - computer geek also. I will remember your family in prayer as I pray for my family's future also.
To God be all the glory!