Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Senior Mom

Being a senior Mom has it's moments and no I am not talking about 'senior moments!'  Each school event this year has been christened with one of the other senior moms looking at me teary eyed and exclaiming, "this is the last ______fill in the blank with parade, band concert, etc.  For some reason I have never been good at the public grieving thing.  In fact, when I am at these functions, I almost feel guilty for enjoying myself!  I know all too soon I will not be driving her to school functions, and the house will be quiet.  But there will be more wonderful things to enjoy in this new chapter, like watching college football, well actually anyone who knows me is aware that I go to watch the band, one musician in particular.   Somehow she always manages to spot us in the crowd because she wants to. 

In the future, the venue will change and we won't see her as much, but isn't that how it is supposed to be?
You see, my daughter is always going to be my daughter no matter where she is or what she is doing. And I certainly would not want her to stay little forever.  In fact I am really enjoying the companionship of this emerging young adult.  She makes me laugh and teaches me how to parent every day.  When I have a weak moment and start getting sentimental about her growing up too fast, I can hear her say, "You want grandchildren, don't ya?" 

A word of wisdom to the 'Junior Mom' friends, enjoy their senior year, every minute of it.  Takes lots of pictures and laugh a lot.  You won't regret that.  There are days I feel like I am drowning in financial aid packages and critiquing scholarship essays.  However, I am reminded of the gift of cherishing these 'last things' as gifts. 

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Nancy Mehl said...

What a great post, Barbara. I love my grown up son. Our children change, but each stage is a blessing. And then there are grandchildren! Hugs to you and to Abby.