Thursday, August 13, 2015

Goodbye and Hello

Anyone else saying goodbye to their college bound son or daughter?  If so, you can relate to the ever-transitioning relationship with your emerging adult.  This will be our third time saying goodbye to our daughter as she heads off to her junior year at Lebanon Valley College.  We are so proud of her, not so much for the accomplishments, but for who she is becoming...a young woman who has had to set aside her dreams and give them to God.  Not being able to play her clarinet this past year has been hard.  Instead of staying in grief over this loss, she has opened her arms to a new love....cello!  

Summertime has been a time to get reacquainted with our beautiful maturing daughter, a time to celebrate as she got her driver's license, a time to relax at our favorite beach spots, and a time to finally say goodbye....again.... 

It doesn't get easier saying goodbye. The transition of letting go and embracing our young adults can be a tricky one.  Parenting is such a privilege and ever changing role and I believe each phase gets more challenging to handle with grace.  

I am purposefully thinking that we are not saying 'goodbye' to Abby.  She is still Abby and will always be our daughter.  We have not lost the is just changing.  So instead of saying 'goodbye', we are actually saying 'hello' to a wonderful maturing young woman!  

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