Thursday, July 17, 2008

Facebook Mom

OK, I have to admit that the only reason for joining Xanga, Myspace and Facebook was to be a watchful eye for my son and his friends. Being a Myspace Mom actually strengthened my relationship with my teen, if you can believe that.

The other day my 17 yr. old son asked, "Mom, how come you haven't asked me to be your friend on Facebook?" This was said over a lunch date with just the two of us sharing a white pizza with LOTS of garlic! To say the least I was shocked he invited me into his world that I usually barge into.

Up until recently the only reason I joined these networking forums was to be fully informed as a Mom. We have a rule in our house if you haven't personally met someone, then they can't be your friend ( with the exception of music groups, of course) You have to be friends with your favorite groups!

Recently, I found an unexpected blessing as I am so wet behind the ears with Facebook. Yes, I guess my pride gets in the way to ask my son how to do this. You can actually have a high school and college reunion! I have found long lost friends and am so excited.

I encourage you to enter into the unknown galaxy. Yes, Facebook can seem like 'the new frontier' to us parents. Trust me it is worth it to continue building bridges with your teen and can also expand your own horizons.

Will you be my friend? (Only if I know you of course!)

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Kay Weathers said...

I joined facebook for the same reason to keep up with my child and friends. Only I seem to be the oldest person in this group. I enjoy seeing kids that I helped raise and to see what they are becoming. I enjoyed your blog posts.